Ajebo Hustlers’ Badboy Etiquette is core anti-love expository for both male & female.

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Bad Boy Etiquette101 is not a lesson only for the bad boys as Ajebo hustlers recommends. Rather, it also includes females “the bad girls,” mostly those who are mature to understand emotions & can make

The distinct Nigerian music duo, Ajebo Hustlers, explores anti-love, playboy, as well as they glide through pensive breakup and smoothly rides sex. Ultimately capturing the quality of a variety of relationships on their sophomore project. Funny enough, “specially recommended for the bad boys,” but how sure are you?

“Badboy Etiquette 101,” is the beginning of an artistry totally expressing a side of relationship which the world might counter. Failed trust and loyalty and so much more. Apparently an area the unique Award winning duo conceptualized. The project was served like some sort of piercing enlightenment, like an education passed on from the manner the 7-track tape began officially. “Dreams,” the project opener that tours through focus and debunks a love that might drift the duo’s attention from striking their career and ambition gold. A music meant to revive the focus of a genuine listener, with picky and catchy lyrics that highlights the maximum reality of people with goals and aspirations.

Ajebo Hustlers are not expressing an art from the blues, instead, this current effort alludes their music drawn from a collection of realistic relationship escapades. With their peculiar pidgin language and slangs mirroring Port Harcourt lifestyle and culture, should also direct a listener who seeks to understand where their distinguished Katakata music ascent is conceived, back home from the beautiful & diverse city of Port Harcourt.

On the Fave assisted melodic “In Love,” Ajebo Hustlers tried their hands to fall in love. The jet flew above ground level then crashed along the line. As “Kisses,” the ethereal piano led song that followed is a track strongly repelling genuine love perhaps because their lover cheated. On a verse, Piego, became reminiscent of the past reminding his lover how she tore his heart apart. While Knowledge, infused the beauty of his collected rap to expand neatly, talking about his lover. He described her as an easy target, which defined her as cheap and trickles down to her worthlessness and hoe-likeness.

“No Love (18 plus)” featuring special input from beloved Nigerian pop star Mayorkun, extends the hoe-like quality of the same lover which Ajebo Hustlers had once trusted. At this point, she is much more ready to join the wagon of no genuine love. She’s set out to rock ‘n’ roll with the play boys “no parental guidance.” In between, you know that trust where you felt this “one” is the right person for my life — my ride or die, and unfortunately you found out that she isn’t taking the relationship that seriously is more saddening. That spirit was uncaged like “Tiger.” As Mayorkun, assisted as he should to express an art that puts a listener in that cold world.

“No Peace (Violence),” amplifies the whole playboy context and Ajebo Hustlers hereby declared their incapability of love. An act, prompted by too many hurt in relationships and failed trust. This problem is what the modern world counters. It is a tussle existing between everyone who is mature to understand their emotions for another. Majority of people who are above 18 plus might have gone through this situationship, launching them from a place of failed trust to where they professed like Ajebo Hustlers (Piego) had done “I am incapable of love/It is hard for me to give trust”

As “Loyalty,” captures that relationship that has too many skeleton in the cupboard. Attaching a certain level of trust and genuine love sustained, not minding selfish interests, financial benefit or caring about whether ones lover cheats or not. For your information, this artistic Illustration on ‘loyalty’ is not limited to just women who let their guards down for the one they truly love. This is where the bad boy etiquette comes into the picture and it might be wrong. Being able to sideline a lover who cares genuinely, and also have affairs with others secretly.

Be reminded that this incredibly wrong act is not just limited to the male sex. In as much as it makes you and your ego feels smarter than the one that truly cares about your well being in this cold world, as Ajebo Hustlers christened on the opening of “No Love.” Bad Boy Etiquette 101, also demands that the female gender as well is enlightened and taught the same troops Ajebo Hustlers croons about failed love and trust, playboy and a problematic relationship like they established on “Burn My Cable” the closing highlife inflected track.

Bad Boy Etiquette 101 is not a lesson only for the bad boys as Ajebo hustlers recommends. Rather, it also includes females “bad girls,” mostly those who are mature to understand emotions and can make decisions for themselves. Apparently, it is one of those problems the world counters in relationships — failed trusts, playboy, heartbreak, hookup, etc.


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