Afro-Fusion Artiste returns in style with new album ‘Based on Popular Demand’

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Afro-Fusion Artiste returns in style with new album ‘Based on Popular Demand’

Bola is a musician with a talent for delivering his stirring blend of Afrobeats from his home in Ireland. His soulful voice comes as a result of his time as a chorister in the church, where his potential would earn him a chance to progress even further at a group called Elite Music at college.

As time passed he would go on to take up his own space in the Afrobeats scene. Bola began performing in 2013 whilst songwriting and collaborating with artists in Nigeria and beyond. It was just last year that he released his very first track ‘Sweet Feeling’, breaking through as a rising artist in the genre.

He calls his sound ‘a mixture of Afrobeat and high life’, a great description for tracks that emanate a suave style that keeps you wanting more.

On the New Project ‘Based on Popular Demand’ , he makes the grind look effortless, and he’s on his way to success. Delivering sparkling clean production, infectious rhythms and that extra burst of flavour unique to Bola’s sound. This project Created in three years, acting as an exploration into Bola’s life, delving into his “struggles, failures, wins and successes”.

From the opening track ‘Iheanacho’, a song with a slow sensual instrumental topped off with Bola’s silky vocals and saxophone licks You would know you’re in for a Jump. And Progressing through the album, tracks like ‘Badman’ feat. Prince Larry, and ‘Sweet Feeling’ standout for their delivery of catchy hooks and voicemails that uncover that little bit more of Bola’s life. From the quality alone, there’s no doubt that ‘Based on Popular Demand’ was worked on tirelessly, Bola even reveals that the project was recorded in four studios (including his own), and worked on by sound engineers across Nigeria and Ireland. With such a magnetic sound and insightful lyricism, ‘Based on Popular Demand’ reflects a gripping life story, we can’t wait to hear what’s next for Bola.

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