Afro-fusion artist Khally Shares New single ‘Ocean’

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Afro-fusion artist Khally Shares New single ‘Ocean’

Khalid muziga, better known as “Khally”, he is a dutch artist from Burundi. In 2012 he started rapping and singing and hasn’t let go of music since then. He finds his inspiration for music in his own past and life experiences and writes his own lyrics.

When describing the purpose of his music, the artist gets refreshingly candid, saying it’s all about “chill vibes that make people forget about their worries and have a good time”. With a stark authenticity, alongside notable vocal and songwriting abilities, it’s no surprise that his last single received such support.

After Amassing over 18K streams on his most recent single he delivers a sentimental number titled “Ocean” . The new single which is All about lingering attachments to an ex-partner, the track fuses longing and nostalgia with the sensual sound of Afrobeats. Khally intended to express the feelings he had for his ex for this next release, and so he called his closest confidant to help him write this song. The lyrics in the track balance Dutch and English, and utilizes the expanse of the ocean to symbolise Khally’s feelings. Produced by Ome SB, the track’s soft synths and xylophone sounds bring about images of swooshing waves crashing in the ocean as Khally delivers the sentimental chorus.

Khally’s skilful songwriting and blend of African and American music is one to remember, leaving him with plans to reach great heights in the Afrobeats and R&B scenes.

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