5 Things You Shouldn’t Do As An Artiste.

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While this is headlined “5 things you shouldn’t do as an artiste.” the principles there in can be applied to any other field.
Read carefully and see a new light in your career. If you find it helpful /informative kindly share as someone out there needs it too.
Happy reading…

1. Never despise your little beginning

Nothing good comes easy, the beginning of any career isn’t always rosy. This is where consistency and determination comes in. Keep pushing through the hard times until the fruit of your Labour ripens.

2. Never set social profile to private

The era we are in is controlled by the cyberspace. The web is the widest and fastest way of getting across to prospective audiences. Ironically it is the cheapest form of publicity at the now, too bad a couple of people still haven’t woken up to the realization.
Social Media, a subsection of the web is one with which celebrities, public figures, news agencies and other businesses connect with new and existing customers.

As an artiste, setting your social profile to private is a very wrong tactics because you practically lose customers by restricting them from accessing your materials at will.
For goodness sake, you’re a public figure, not a private figure or private part 

3. Never fail to Invest in your career

As you progress in your career you tend to make some financial returns to your purse. Most artiste get over excited and begin to lavish funds on irrelevant things forgetting that their career needs to get to the next level.
Just like I said on social media last week “Invest on what you believe in”
Believe me, if you fail to invest on your career then you don’t believe in it. Don’t blame anyone for deprivation when you fail to meet the requirements of the current trends.

4. Never let pride take over

As you progress through the storm and your clouds are getting brighter, it is advisable to remain humble as pride goes before a fall.
Yes we know packaging is necessary for relevance but when it becomes too much, perspectives change.
Never mistake pride for packaging.
Remember, going down is easy even gravity will support you.

5. Never remain in your comfort zone

Now you’ve started making waves, your sounds are heard everywhere, the fans love you, when you’re on stage the fans sing your song for you , you can’t even walk in the streets again because everyone wants to steal a selfie, fame sets in, mehn! bro/sis you’re doing great. But do you know you can be better than your current status? Believe me, even the biggest in your field still needs to be heard or seen more? That’s because, there are still people out there who don’t know you. Keep pushing with the mindset that “your good is not good enough”

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