3Dots Review: Yaya Oyoyo, All Fall Down, Omo Better & More

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1.  Lil Kesh ft. Davido – Yaya Oyoyo
It’s undeniable, PHEELZ is a great producer and he did it again on this one. ‘Man of the moment’. This is sort of a prayer song which easily appeals to me as a Nigerian. Both artists went ham on the track and Davido was particularly impressive as he did well to keep up with the YBNL/YAGI superstar, Lil kesh also brought his usual ‘A’ game to the track. But despite this wonderful performance, I just can’t get past the “Yaya Oyoyo” on the hook, It should have a meaning right? Since it’s the song title…… Who can help explain?
Rating: 7.1/10

DOWNLOAD: Lil Kesh ft Davido – Yaya Oyoyo

2. M.I Abaga ft. Poe – All Fall Down
This song features on MI’s third official mixtape, ILLEGAL MUSIC 3 and I have to start this review by saying this is a really inspiring piece of work by MI and Poe. This song refreshes memories of the ‘Mr Incredible’ we used to know, hitting each line hard and the entire rap having some good depth. He also did well with the sound track selection. I quite appreciate Poe’s rapping, the way he expresses himself and communicates his feelings… You would usually hear him saying ‘i feel like… ‘. I can’t drop my pen without saying “the higher you are, the harder you fall”
Rating: 6.9/10


DOWNLOAD: M.I Abaga ft. Poe – All Fall Down


3. DJ Instinct ft. Ola Dips And Small Doctor – Omo Better

Started off not knowing if this song was worth it, but as track got closer to its chorus, I began to sway to the beat. Big up’s to DJ Instinct on this with, a very non-conventional beat, sounding almost entirely original. Ola Dips is definitely a great signing for reminisce and he combined very nicely with the ever lively small doctor I think we’ll that Ola dips + small doctor = madness.
Very lively track with interesting storytelling & now I got it on repeat.
Rating: 6.4/10

DOWNLOAD: DJ Instinct feat. Ola Dips & Small Doctor – “Omo Better”

4. Know Me Now – Ehizzy
The song came on with really cool production, although not totally outstanding, its agreeable that the producer ‘MBEAT’ got the job done, plus d sound track has got that AZONTO vibe that makes u want to move. Since Ehizzy is a new artiste it’s hard to tell if the beat dictated his style of music or not, but he got really comfortable on the beat, rhymed through the song really nicely and also communicating his message quite clearly.
In summary, this is a nice jam with fresh style…… This artist has got promise. Can he do what it takes though?
Rating: 5.0/10

DOWNLOAD: Ehizzy – Know Me Now

5. May D – I Wanna Know
This artiste, Mr May D started off really nicely with ‘square records’, but has struggled with his music recently. It’s quite obvious he’s a talented singer and writer but he has recently failed to put enough into his art. This also reflects in his most recent work. The song although nice, seems to lack that touch of class in terms of May D’s performance and is also begging for quality production. Despite all these flaws though, you can still dance to the beat.
Rating: 4.2/10

DOWNLOAD: May D – I Wanna Know

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