3Dots Review: The Vow, I Want You, Asalamalekun Remix & More

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1. Skales I Want You
?: Who made this revolting beat?
?: One DJ Breezy ?
?: so skales sat down and thought this was worth releasing???
?: I guess ?
?: This is why he is still a “C” rate artist(cos he’s a “B” rate performer)..Every line in that song is from one Nigerian artist or another… Dude have some decency and attempt originality. Haba…. Performers babble random things like “chinkolo” and “chankala” to make hits…… Skales could not even come up with a lame babble of his own???
?: But he had some rhymes?
?: Ok skales am comfused… “I want you” then you hear “all my ladies go down”. N!gga is already cheating ?…
This summerises 3dots opinion about this song…
?: ? ?
Rating: 2.2/10

DOWNLOAD: Skales – “I Want You” (Prod. By DJ Breezy)

2. Timi Dakolo – The Vow
Very good and impressively composd lyrics…This jam can make someone cry… I’m too emotional to rate this right now. …. Nice vocals & I believe cobhams can see he should stop decieving us…… Instrumentation is on point.. It’s a nice musical piece.. But it may not have staying power bcos he doesn’t really connect sentimentally with the hearer.. Just a nice song. Can never place it along side some other songs when I heard them for the first time.. Remember when you heard Ogbonofelifeli and then the roar of the crowd in Dbanj’s “The Entertainer”!!!!(staying power)… But lest I digress..This song would make you want to fall in love rather than feel loved…. Which is the feeling he seeks to project.
Rating : 6.5/10

DOWNLOAD: Timi Dakolo – The Vow

3. Reminisce – Asalamalekun ft. Wale
Significant differences from the original… Meant for those who appreciate real hiphop. Although kinda long, but worth it… ?: Sarz put out a simple hop beat which I particularly like… Wale came in an gave the song some dynamism although, not entirely satisfactory in his performance… Content wise, the only meaning I could make of this song is : ‘peace be onto the people feeling me’ and aside that, throwing shots @ their suppose haters. Though he (Reminisce) mentioned that it wasn’t a dis track, I think we know better…
Rating: 6.5/10

DOWNLOAD: Reminisce – “Asalamalekun” (Remix) ft. Wale (Prod. By Sarz)

4. YCEE – Panda
Mr Jagaban did well to keep up with the beat, though the content of this cover was nothing out of the ordinary, in fact almost lame… Just seemed like he wanted to show he could do something interesting… My unforgiving side thinks he failed…. why are we rewiewing this song seff?? ?: ?
Rating : 3.1/10

DOWNLOAD: YCEE – Panda Cover

5. Edris Abdulkareem – They Dont Understand
On this song, Edris came on with his unconventional kinda delivery, the kind only he can get away with. Makes you want to listen to every word… But, Edris doesn’t seem to have perfected this mode of delivery, he sure doesn’t sound like the veteran that he is. Edris sought to be real on this track in terms of content and that was quite achieved… I have to say, this song is not for kids… ?: SS3 senior jam typa thing…
Rating : 5.3/10

DOWNLOAD: Eedris Abdulkareem – “They Don’t Understand”

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