3Dots Review: Standard + Konkobility + Back 2 Back & More

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Standard by Reekado banks


?: Here is a really fine song by Mr. Banks, the beat and production of this track was very well                     done.

?: Mr. Banks used this song to make a comparison between his former self and his present    “standard”.

?: This song “standard”, I would say falls a bit short of d standard he’s set with his previous songs…

?: Now that’s what you call ironic…


Rating: 4.8/10




Double by sugarboy

?: I honestly don’t recognize this guy… Definitely not the sugarboy I know, he always has that wow factor which this song is very much lacking. I keep waiting for d song to get to the part where it blows my mind, but sadly ? it doesn’t…

?: Why does it sound like I’m listening to black face????


Rating: 3.3/10




Back to back by DMW


?: First things first… SALUTE!! Davido for putting together such a squad, it’s a big step up from his previous crew and a very lovely song to start with…

?: the song started off a bit errrrrm, ‘slow’ u might say… But that switched up in no time ??….

?: All parties displayed good artistry, changing the melody without warning…

?: Yeah! & that new sound of Davido red dot’s been going on and on about…

?: Ichaba and Davido though… Maximum effort!!!


Rating: 6.1/10


Konkobility by Olamide


?: Well!  This is a very thrilling performance by Olamide, this guy has come a long way and has continued to evolve his music.

?: He is relentless in his music career and consistently puts out some remarkable works, and “konkobility” is one of such.

?: Sounds like I’m listening to a Nigerian afro beat classic… This song has got juice, both rhythm wise and content wise…


Rating: 6.9/10






Unlooking by Milli


Who is Milli? &  whats he all about?

?: Here’s d guy who recently had a feud with the chocolate city chairman over “blah blah blah”….

?: So is he trying to Use this song to back up his claims?

I ask because this song actually reflects what MI has evolved into as a musician. The flow and lyrics has a lot of similarity with what MI has been all about lately, I mean all I have to do is imagine it’s MI singing and it just makes sense.

?: And while MI might be able to get away with this kind of singing, Milli on the other hand just can’t pull that off right now. He has no fan base and he’s not a Canadian teenager, so whose his target audience with this type of music???

?: He has to come out with more quality material that would cut across a larger demography. This is the evolution of Nigerian music…


Rating: 3.2/10



Unlooking by Milli 2.0

Who be Milli? & wetin he dey all about?

?: Na this guy wey recently get quarrel with the chairman for chocolate city ontop one matter wey no concern anybody…

?: So him dey try use this song prove point?

I dey ask because this song dey try resemble wetin MI dey always like to sing. Na the same way he dey like to rhyme and flow. If I just try imagine say na MI dey sing, everything go just align for my brain.

?: And if to say na MI sing d song, na him for better pass, because who don like am don like am, but Milli wey nobody know, he no get fans, nothing,  he come dey sing like americana. Who he dey sing for???

?: This guy need to bring Correct jam wey make brain wella &  wey go carry more people along. Na the change wey dey sup for Nigerian music be dat…


Rating: 3.2/10


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