3Dots Review: Ready, First Come First Serve, Mama & More

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READY by Adekunle Gold


? : So Dekunle has done it again… Same old pattern, same old delivery and he’s       once again begging for love.

? : …zzz?zzz..

? : One of my favorite places is while I’m getting a haircut… Adekunle gold spoilt    that for me. I really cannot relate to this song as a guy, because it sounds lonely and worse off, needy ?. Even my barber hated it.

? : I’m beginning to really wonder what Ade Gold is like as a person, with the image he likes to portray with his music.

? : Mr Adekunle Gold, kindly elucidate yourself…

? : Blue dot!!!

? : what!?!… Yes its terrible…

? : …zzz?zzz…

? : You pathetic sleeper?

? : He just can’t stay awake through the song?

Rating : 2/10



First come first serve by CDQ

Mastercraft never has a problem turning up on a track, and as always, he’s done very well on the production of this song. CDQ however hasn’t met expectations with this one.

? : The song seems disjointed, because the producer (mastercraft) has clearly outshined the singer (CDQ). This is simply a case of beautiful walls falling apart…


Rating : 3.5/10


Mama by Kiss Daniel

Once again if this was a competition between singer and producer, young John would definitely take the cake, because, although this song is entirely interesting, the production plays the major role. ? : They both came through for me. I find Kiss Daniel interesting with his content, and meanwhile Young John is still very wicked…

? : Decent song…


Rating : 5.1/10



Bad Baddo Baddest by Falz ft olamide and davido

Falz the bad guy continues to impress with his music. Falz and his producer (Sess) have proven to be an amazing combination over time.

? : The features on this track didn’t do well enough to complement Falz performance. A monkey and a cricket would do just as well ?… ? : While I’m still busy enjoying Falz vibe, Olamide comes on with nothing so amazing to say. Davido now came with a fair start but lost it somewhere in the middle and even sounded off beat at some point.


Rating : 4.4/10



Bad by Tiwa Savage ft Wizkid

Here we have an amazing combination. You can tell the both artists put in some effort into making quality music, from lyrics to delivery, to production. I will consult a trusted producer for his opinion on this one.


“The first time I listened to this song, I felt like that sound is a subset of naija afro sound. The sound brought out the hidden part of wizkid we’ve never seen. Plus, now we know Tiwa can do something different and interesting. THE SOUND IS COMPLETE and more. If this subset continues, it’s going to take over from the parent sound. It puts u in a certain kind of mood”. The “I don’t know why I am shaking my body” kind of mood.


Rating : 6.9/10

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