3Dots Review: Pana + Gimme Dat + Pree Me & More

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3dots Weekly

(Episode 11)

Title: Sorry For The Wait



Lovely people,


I’m sorry for the delay in completing this review…. Unfortunately, multiple activities and the time set aside to finish the review wasn’t enough. I hope this didn’t cause any major inconveniences. I promise to continue diligently in subsequent reviews…. . Oya stop vexing and read the review jhoor…


Sincerely, ?


Pana by Tekno


?: This is the loveliest melody I’ve heard in a while… Tekno continues to improve at this his style of music that doesn’t have a name, you may decide to call it beautiful mumbo jumbo… His opinion on ‘love’ is very simple but quite interesting as well. Despite all these qualities in his music, he continues to be as lyrically challenged as ever. There’s so many things I heard in this song that doesn’t make any sense to me or anybody I know….

?: Firstly the song sounds like modern highlife music, the story telling was interesting but sounds like something we’ve heard from him before…

Rating: 6.5/10




Hey reader,


I just wanted to drop you a line to say I’m sorry for the delay in releasing this review. I was due to unforeseen events beyond my control. You are absolutely right to get angry with me. That’s why you are getting an omnibus review ☺. Can I buy you a drink or take you out for dinner sometime to make it up to you?


Again, I’m sorry!


Yours, ?


Gimme That by LAX


?: Legendary beatz got my attention with the sound track and production, while lax did well  to follow up with the beat but did very little lyric wise. There’s just too much repetition for my liking…


?: For LAX, I don’t know whether to be impressed or disappointed because honestly, I haven’t heard much from him so it’s hard to tell if he’s doing better or worse than usual, however, since he’s recently been dropped from wizkids ‘starboy’ label I’ll make comparison with wizkids performance lately and I’d like to say frankly that I think this is way better than whatever wizkid has been doing in the most recent times.


?: This song is empty but yet catchy, I think that’s kudos to legendary beats. I see people bumping this for a while…

Rating: 4.5/10




Pree Me by Burna boy


?: Honestly am tired of artists singing bout enemies/ haters. For God sakes we all have a couple of haters. And the funny thing is I believe this song is directed at someone in particular. But even though I’m hating on the idea behind the song I can’t stop bumping the track. Good jam…

?: OMG, Leriq! Very on point production. This guy has got identity in his work, and he is unique in his art. Leriq in my opinion is the author of this songs beauty and it just proves it’s better to stick with who you work best with. Burna boy is a great talent and I’m quite sure every Nigerian music enthusiast appreciates his music, but the topic of discussion here I sorta find subjective, simply because it depends on your perspective. Talking about having so many enemies or haters tells a lot about your personality… There’s more successful people who haven’t got that many haters… So what’s wrong with you man???

?: Come on guys! Please sing about women instead…

Rating: 4.1/10





It has come to my attention that you’ve pretty much told everyone what a horrible person I am because of a few weeks of no review… So I really feel like I should apologize to you. I mean, it’s not like it was in any way my fault. Blue and yellow are totally to blame, but now that you’ve gone and blamed me for it, thanks for that, and I’m really sorry you felt the need to do that. So, please accept my obviously sincere apology. I know you must get a lot of these…


Yours, ?


Bubble bup by Cynthia Morgan ft Stonebwoi


?: Awesome delivery by ‘madrina’! She gets better with every hit… Stonebwoi as usual delivers     an epic performance, but for the first time he does not overshadow his co-artist (nice one cynthia). I guess he somehow brings out the best in other artists. Verses, bridge and chorus was well put together. The patois also had some Naija flavor… The song is a bit long though, but is every bit worth the listen… This song will rock dance floors for a long time… Ps: I think I see another heady around the corner ? ? ?

?: This song takes me straight to the ragga mood, back to the days of sean paul and shaggy & I must say this is a very impressive attempt. These two have proven to their quality and worth in the industry… I’ve gotten quite used to the idea that everyone gets drowned when they get on a song with stone bwoi, but Cynthia just kept getting better as the song continued… she did very well to keep up with Mr Stone bwoi, the ragga maestro…

Rating: 5.6/10



Ojere by Dremo


?: After “BACK TO BACK”I had high hopes for this guy, but this single is not a hit.  It’s not a terrible song but the style and content is too generic… Yc, Kesh, Oladips and co can pull this off same way, maybe even better?, in fact you might get confused on who exactly is singing the song! My point is, this guy has got what it takes but Nigerian music has a lot of guys doing epic Sh!tt!!! If Dremo wants to stand out without Davidos shadow, he has to work real hard and do better…

Ps: Guy!!! Women are the taste makers in music, not haters. Please take a clue…..

Rating: 3.6/10



Rewind That by Wiz-kid


?: This right here is rubbish… None of the new guys are doing anything this lame. An artist of this caliber has got a lot at his disposal….  But he has continually put out garbage. Rubbing shoulders with some of the hottest artists of our generation and this is all you can come up with? Bros this is 419… You are way better than this.

?: I am a big fan of wizkid, but this guy is beginning to make me look like I have bad taste in music… I am still a big fan, but wizkids performance lately has just been disappointing… I’m not sorry to say…

Rating: 1.8/10


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