3Dots Review: Mungo Park, Oshe, For The Local & More

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1. Korede Bello – Mungo Park

You have to be enthusiastic about a jam like that, I’m sure you wud agree…. I dont want to be too harsh, but in
a nut shell, the song turned my smile upside down & made my 1 year old baby boy tear up… Whew… It sounded like k. Bello & don jazzy had a bad day on d same day, i think that was a classic underperformance by d pair & I know a few people who wud agree … I definitely cannot trust my own judgment on the production of this song cos I’ll be too biased (brutally), so i have to consult a producer i trust. Lets see what he has to say…
Larry Blaise:
It’s a nice jam, I just feel don jazzy wants to change that music style wey dey trend, To that Mungo park bounce, U knw like wen we have shokki, And Azonto… Its a good song.
Hm!!! Producers definitely see things differently….
SO to #blaisebeats

DOWNLOAD: Korede Bello – Mungo Park



2. Del B – Oshe ft. Wizkid & Reminisce

This jam features as the collabo song for this weeks edition of “3dots critics music review”… Started a little bit slow for me, raised an eyebrow a little too early… Like most other w. Kid songs/verses lacking in terms of lyrical content but dripping with flavour (banana precisely).., w. Kid continues to remind us why he stays relevant in the Nigerian music industry… Cool hook.
Del B also makes a good attempt at making an impression as a song writer other than d producer he has previously established himself to be. I liked his composure on d song, it proves he’s an expert in his art.
Reminisce sped up the song a little bit with his rap attack. He approached the song just d same way he does every other, which seems to work for him each time. He came on stronger than the earlier 2 artists, & as always, killed his verse from d beginning to d end, not letting a bar slide… My best part of d jam… Tho each time i hear wizzy say ‘oshe’ ?

DOWNLOAD: Del’B – “Oshe” f. Wizkid x Reminisce



3. Peter Okoye – Look Into My Eyes

That one took a low tempo & with d whole psquare break up saga, it was supposed to tell a touching story… But errrr… D only place it touched was my ears, not that touching in my opinion… Good song, very good production & d best thing about d song for me was the back up singers, they where great. P. Okoye should stick with those guys in his new solo career…

DOWNLOAD Peter Okoye (P-Square) – “Look Into My Eyes”


4. Jhybo – For The Local

Its a big wonder why Mr Jhybo continues to struggle with mediocrity, when i know undoubtedly that he is a good musician. The song ‘for the local’ features as our rap jam for the week & as i continue to listen, i keep waiting for the song to start getting interesting…sadly, it never does ? . There is alot of energy on the song which at certain points turned out to be unnecessarily excessive. Listen to ‘Adura Elijah’ by d jhybo & u begin to feel like ‘for the local’ was someone else named ‘ibhojy’… Get it? (Like he was a shadow of himself on that track) [ask a yoruba demon or sorceress]… One wud expect that jhybo wud connect better with listeners by now, other artistes have broken through d industry after him… If he’s taking his time, he’s taking too long…

DOWNLOAD Jhybo – For The Local



5. K-Dream – Oil

Features as our up coming artists track for the week… K. Dreams shows some undoubted tallent on this song but definitely has a lot of room fpr improvement. Imagine it was kiss Daniel who sang that song, it cud be d next level in his career, as he’s got greater charisma on his songs & is a little more professional. K. Dreams is also privileged to be working with great like minded producers which he should stick with, as they all possess the prospects of musical relevance in d industry…. D need for all round improvement tho, cannot be over stressed….

DOWNLOAD K Dream – “Oil” (Show Dem)



– Reviewed By @3dotscritics

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