3Dots Review: Jabole + 406 Na D Code + Fada Fada & More

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Jabole by Temmie blablablah

First off, the song comes on with a very unnecessary intro in the first few seconds…

?: Trying to show off abi??? Fail!

This song is proof that saying “pheels Mr. Producer” does not translate to a good song. Under YBNL and with a stage name like that, I definitely expected more. She may have had a good plan with the chorus, but the assonance left her verses sounding like a living faith pastor… Oops…

?: Now I’m thinking, was that deliberate??? Or not…?

Rating: 1.2/10



Olowo by Cynthia Morgan

?: Hmmm…. This bad Gyal CeCe tries her hands on afrobeat… Although not in her natural habitat but she survived…

?: Nice hook! Its actually nice to hear someone sing about money without sounding like every other song about money… Ok I’m a fan☺…

?: But the song gets stale after 2mins?…

?: leave her jhoor… She tried?….

?: Red dot’s gone soft ? ? ?… Some bad gyal persuation.

Rating: 5.1/10





8 Figures by Rugged-man ft Ice Prince

?: I must confess I thought ruggedi baba didn’t have it in him anymore, My humblest apologies oh rugged one ?…..

?: A pure hip-hop joint if ever there was one? -(haven’t heard one in a while)-

?: I think Ice prince did great here, this is one of the times he attempts to prove me wrong…

Rating: 5.0/10



Fada Fada by Phyno ft Olamide

Here’s a nice piece from Phyno fyno… Well presented and put together…..

?: Masterctaft oshey!!! At first I expected a repeat of his last single, but as the jam progressed, the difference was evident… Phynos new sound will grow on us all, but on the down side, the olamide feature is becoming too generic…. Nothing new to hear…these guys should make a baby already…

?: Yea, they made Kesh ?…

Rating: 4.3/10



406 na d code by Falz ft Tekno & Skales

Nothing special going on here asides the dope beat……. Tecno just made this jam his own…… From the beginning I couldn’t wait to hear falz…. And wen I finally did, I forget that scales was on the track. I don’t know WTF the guy was going on about… If this was tekno’s song, I would have loved it… Tekno does well in taking over the song… He’s about the only memorable element in this jam….

?: Nice hook! Tekno saves the day?…

?: & skales shouldn’t have come out to play…

Rating: 3.4/10



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